Dr. Reed Nelson

  • Dr.
    Reed Nelson
    Founding Partner/Doctor of Chiropractic

    Dr. Nelson studied pre-medicine at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and after moving to Atlanta Georgia, attained a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition.  In 1992 Dr. Nelson earned a Doctorate in Chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, Georgia and became board certified to practice in Pennsylvania.

    Dr. Nelson continued his education by completing a certification to utilize Adjunctive Procedures at National College in Lombard, Illinois.

    Additional educational highlights include receiving a continuing education certification in Whiplash from the San Diego Spine Research Institute.  Dr. Nelson also competed a certification program as a Chiropractic Peer Review Consultant.

    Dr. Nelson continues his seventeenth year in private practice.  Currently, he is a founding partner of Westmoreland Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Associates, practicing in Export and Greensburg, Pennsylvania.


    1991-2010 Post graduate education, Variety of subject matters detailed below.

    2001 Certified Chiropractic Peer Review Consultant,  Texas College of Chiropractic  Pasadena, Texas.

    1997 Masters Certification Program in Whiplash,  Los Angeles College of Chiropractic  Whittier, California.

    1992 Doctorate of Chiropractic, Life University  Marietta, Georgia.

    1992 Bachelors of Science in Nutrition, Life University  Marietta, Georgia.

    1991 Certified in Adjunctive Procedures, National College of Chiropractic  Lombard, Illinois.

    1985-1987 Pre Medicine, Indiana University of Pennsylvania  Indiana, Pennsylvania.

    Post Graduate Education Experience:

    2012 Foundational Laboratory Analysis  Science Based Nutrition

    2010  Chiropractic Sports Medicine Physician   Texas Chiropractic College

    Chiropractic Sports Injuries   Texas Chiropractic College

    2008  Fundamentals of Clinical Nutrition   Texas Chiropractic College

    Treatment of Auto Accident Injuries   Texas Chiropractic College

    2006  Chiropractic Treatment of Golf Injuries   Texas Chiropractic College

    Weight Loss Management Fitness & Nutrition   Texas Chiropractic College

    2005    Pathophysiology, Evaluation and Management of Headaches Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association

    2004  Applied Neurology   Logan College of Chiropractic

    Exercise Strength and Conditioning   Texas Chiropractic College

    2003  Evaluation and Treatment of Whiplash Injury   Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association

    Chiropractic Research: The Year in Review   Lincoln College of Postprofessional Education

    2002  Orthopedic Evaluative Procedures   Lincoln College of Postprofessional Education

    Full Spine Analysis and Adjusting   Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania

    Nutritional Approaches to Stress Induced Disorders   University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic

    2001   Certified Chiropractic Peer Review Consultant, 50 Hours   Texas Chiropractic College

    2000 Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy Treatment and Case Management New York Chiropractic College

    1997  Whiplash: Master Certification Program Los Angeles College of Chiropractic/Spine Research Institute of San Diego, Modules 1-4 Completed

    1996  Chiropractic Rehabilitation, 36 Hours   New York Chiropractic College

    Peer Review/Utilization, 36 Hours   New York Chiropractic College

    1994  Chiropractic Orthopedics, 36 Hours   National-Lincoln School of Post Graduate Education

    1993-1994 Chiropractic Rehabilitation, 30 Hours   Los Angeles College of Chiropractic

    1991  Certified in Adjunctive Procedures, 120 Hours   National College of Chiropractic

    Work History:

    January 2009 - Present Westmoreland Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Associates 1390 Route 286, Village of Mamont, Export, PA and 4963 Route 30 East, Suite 205 Oakley Park II, Greensburg, PA.

    November 1994 - December 2008 Nelson Chiropractic and Rehabilitation  1390 Route 286, Village of Mamont, Export, PA.

    November 1998 - December 2008 Nelson Chiropractic and Rehabilitation  4963 Route 30 East, Suite 205 Oakley Park II, Greensburg, PA.

    Professional Memberships: Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association 

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